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Exclusive access to customised full-time, fixed term job offers and consultancy projects closely tied to your expertise and get in touch directly with leading companies in the Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medical Devices industries.

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SKILTERS, 1st talent pool specialised in
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Skilters has developed Artificial Intelligence services coupled to Blockchain technology in order to optimise HR management and end-to-end recruitment processes.

Immediate access to thousands of candidates thanks to the recruitment platform dedicated to the Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medical Devices industry.

Thousands of Certified Experts who are looking for job opportunities or consulting assignments, selected for their area of expertise, professional background and Soft skills.

Thanks to our ultra-precise Artificial Intelligence matching technology, find the best available candidates on the market.

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/job offer
  • Job offer publication during
    1 month

  • Reception of candidates' resume directly by email
  • Job offer multi-posting
  • 1 Job slot available for publishing during 12 months, ranking updated every month
  • Candidates' matching thanks to our AI algorithms

  • Reception of candidates' resume directly by email
  • Job offer multi-posting
/job offer
  • Candidate sourcing services for 1 month with our team

  • Candidates' matching thanks to our AI algorithms and availability check

  • Reception of candidates' resume directly by email
  • Job offer multi-posting & Twitter
  • Sourcing services for 1 month with a dedicated team member

  • Candidates' accurate matching with our AI algorithms and candidates' pre-qualification by our team such as Soft Skills, salary package, mobility & background check
  • Reception of candidates' resume directly by email
  • Job offer multi-posting & Twitter + LinkedIn

SKILTERS ADDS value to recruitment with state-of-the-art technologies

Study only the best matching candidates

67% of job applications to published offers are not relevant. With Skilters, study only the most relevant ones.

Thanks to our unique interface, benefit from a 360° management of your job offers.

AI recruiting technology

Did you know that recruiters spend an average of 80 hrs every month for their sourcing activities?

Our AI gives you the opportunity to hire the best matching candidates without loosing the human touch

Connecting you with relevant candidates

Candidates present in our talentpools are employees, consultants or transition managers with verified skills.

Benefit from our partnerships signed with leading French staffing companies.

Boost your employer brand reputation

Post your job offers and calls for tenders directly to Pharma, Biotech and Medtech professionals.

Skilters assists you in redacting your offers and setting up an annual campaign.

Recruitment Partner

Our know-how coupled with the latest advanced technologies allows us to provide tailor-made support that perfectly matches your expectations.

100% tailor-made services

Recruitment by technology is good, but support by women and men is better. For each project, one of our team member accompanies you from end to end.

Privacy & Quality

The confidentiality of all the data entrusted to us is guaranteed. Our tools are developed to bring you maximum guarantees and are GDPR compliant.


Above all, I wish to pay tribute to Skilters' professionalism in managing my recruitment [...]. I can't forget that it was thanks to Skilters that my profile was spotted for this opportunity.
Laurent F.
AMOA Engineer
Good relationship! I liked the follow-up of Skilters who understood the particularities of my skills and who was able to put them forward with the company. The mission changed along the way but it was very rewarding!
Sonia D.
Market Access Pharmacist
Accompaniment by professionals who target the right missions according to the profile for an interesting partnership with the industrialist. Finally an effective platform!
Rob C.
What seems important to me is the fact that Skilters team listens and take into account your feedback: initially the location of my mission didn't suit me but they were able to improve the choices and I finally found what I was looking for.
Emilie J.
Business Development Freelance